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Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ Will Be The Biggest Song Of The Summer

Miley’s always been great but looks like this song will really be a blast and finally we’ll see her all grown up…..

Hollywood Life

I’ve listened to Miley’s brand-new single and I am making a prediction — ‘We Can’t Stop’ will be the hottest summer jam of 2013!

Miley Cyrus, you officially released your new single “We Can’t Stop” on June 3, and it oozes with sex appeal! You sing about shaking it at a “strip club,” and show us how much you’ve grown up! You’re definitely not Hannah Montana anymore! Watch out everyone, Miley’s untamed — and I love it!

Miley Cyrus’ New Song — ‘We Can’t Stop’ Will Be The Summer Jam Of 2013

Miley, you said, “I can’t wait; my heart is beating a thousand miles a minute,” before premiering your new song with Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show. “The fans have made it more than a single releasing; my fans have made it a really insane experience. Everyone always judges; my fans are a group that…

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